2012 Ferrari SUV Concept Specs, Price and Release Date

2012 Ferrari SUV Concept Specs, Price and Release Date – SUV is a car which usually has four-wheel drive system. It has capability to carry out many passengers or towing capacity. Today, the developments and improvements of SUVs are very impressive. Many people love this car capability and they make this vehicle as their family-mobile. Thus, many manufacturer especially best-selling hunters compete to make a better SUV in every year more and more. This is also happened for sports car pioneer, Ferrari. We know that Ferrari is sports car specialist. They assume that power is the king. It proven in every car of Ferrari has huge and powerful engine. We are not wrong to claim that they are the pioneer of sports car. Back to the topic, Ferrari has never announced that they ever build a SUV vehicle. However, the effort to create SUV was detected on their car called Ferrari FF. Perhaps it was the 2012 Ferrari SUV concept or maybe not. To answer this questions let us see the 2012 Ferrari SUV Concept Specs, Price and Release Date.

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The Ferrari FF or Ferrari Four was presented by Ferrari on March 1, 2011 at Geneva Motor Show. The unique thing is that it was the first Ferrari’s first production in four-wheel drive model which become the main criteria of SUV vehicle. The main reason of this car production was to replace 612 Scaglietti the grand tourer. We can see the indicator that this could be the 2012 Ferrari SUV concept based on the four-wheel drive system as SUV’s criteria. From the concept of FF, it also has four-seat arrangement which is able to carry out four passengers. It indicates that FF is 2012 Ferrari SUV.


Now, we are talking about the specs of Ferrari FF. It has a V12 engine with 6,262 cc direct injection. Of course the power more than 660 horsepower and 503 pound-feet of torque. It reached 0-60 mph just in 3.7 seconds or the fastest SUV ever (if it is a SUV). The top speed approached 208 mph. The beneficial weigh of this car is 50 percent less than conventional four-wheel drive vehicle. Other benefit like SUV is that this car is able to through all terrains and all conditions via continuous and predictive of torque. The 2012 Ferrari SUV design is not far away from Ferrari sports car. It has a shooting brake body style. You can see 458 Italia a front design here with larger hatch at the rear. Ferrari claimed that the interior is up to four passengers. The infotainment system came with standard features such as 5-inch screen instrument panel and center dash touch screen.


Ferrari sets the 2012 Ferrari SUV price at $300,000. What a fantastic car for fantastic SUV, right? Imagine what you will get with this huge money, do not only the number.

Release date

Due to the its debut at the first March 2011, the 2012 Ferrari SUV release date was on end of 2011 as 2012 model year. Therefore, from the 2012 Ferrari SUV Concept Specs, Price and Release Date we can conclude that Ferrari FF is the 2012 Ferrari SUV.

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