2014 Dodge Dart srt-4

2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 – Every Dodge Dart lover is now ecstatic about the future release of 2014 Dodge Dart. The features of the car are still not yet clear, but some leaked details showed some of great specs you can expect from this new Dodge Part car. Judging from the rather significant setback of investment capital in the development of new Dodge Dart this year, the look may not be changed much, but there will surely be great improvements in features and specs as well as overall performance.

2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 Wallpaper

Dodge Dart itself is a great car to begin with. The typical appearance is  agile and sporty with nimble movements and fantastic machine performance. This is a great car for daily use, to show your excellent taste in powerful sport car that also has great function as a city car. However, based on the leaked info, the car might have adopted transmission system of Giulietta Cloverleaf from Alfa Romeo.

Details of 2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 

You can basically expect more from performances of the new Dodge Dart. While the 2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 features have not yet been uncovered fully , this car has created excitement among car lovers. The new Dodge Dart is apparently planned to be more powerful than the previous Dodge Dart 2013, with rear spoiler line that looks more aggressive, larger rubber tires, and still with functional vents and scoops that give the car unique, powerful yet elegant silhouette.

2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 Wallpaper

Designers of the new Dodge Dart are said to be upgrading the model, but the characteristics will be mostly taken from Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The release will later reveal what kind of car the Dart lovers can expect, but for now, they can expect something more elegant, sleek yet powerful from the new car design. Meanwhile, the interior design will be more elegant and sleek, with less hard plastic material than the previous car had.

Performance Expectation from 2014 Dodge Dart srt-4

2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 Interior Wallpaper

There is high expectation about the new Dodge Dart. Details of machine performance are still not leaked yet, but people can expect something around 2 liters, 4-cylinder machine with more than 550 lb/feet of torque and 160 Horse Power. The Dodge Dart is agile in its movement and perfect for either low speed or high speed drive (consideration on being used in an urban area).

2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 Wallpaper

The 2014 Dodge Dart srt-4 will also feature changes in wheels, possibly adding the diameters until the alloy wheels reach 17 inches of diameter. Bigger tires and wheels will surely add some performance elements in the new Dodge Dart as well as more stability. While the new Dodge Dart  has not been official yet, you can expect the car to have the price around the spectrum of $30,000. With all the improvements, it is safe to say that the price will definitely worth it.

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