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2014 Dodge Viper SRTBESTTECHCARS.COM – Sport car is not just about speed and style. This is about lifestyle and proud. The sport car is also precious to have and to be collected. This is why many car collectors want to get it. Talking about the good car, the name of Dodge will never left behind. This car producer has the good touch and style to make a sport car. Their car has known as from the artistic design, the powerful engine and the good detail. They really car with the customer satisfaction. This is why their cars always be appreciated.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT is one of the best sport car that ever made. The first thing that you will see from this car is about the design. This car has the impressive design. This is beautiful and modern. The style is unique with the long front snout. At first, this design looks a little strange. But after you look closer, you will see the good aerodynamic design is there. In the other words, it will give you the power to slice the wind without leaving the ground. In the driving mode, you will feel the best experience that you ever get. The design also affect to the handling and allows you to drive the car easily. The interior side is also impressive. It looks like a race car. With the elegant touch, driver will enjoy the driving experience without losing the comfort.

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The engine is something interesting from 2014 Dodge Viper SRT. Powerful, this impression will always be exist in this car. The 8.4 liter V10 engine will give 640 hp to the car. When you look at the horsepower, maybe it looks not too different with the other sport cars. But when you compare the acceleration, you will see the difference. It gives you more power to reach the high speed only in a few seconds. It just need 3 seconds to reach 60 mph. The transmission is only available in one type, 6 speeds manual transmission. With this transmission, you will enjoy the real sport car.

For the style, 2014 Dodge Viper SRT is available in two styles. Those are Base 2rd Coupe and GTS 2rd Coupe. Unfortunately, the estimate MPG looks poor enough. In the city, the MPG is about 12. And for the highway, this is about 19 MPG. Considering about the engine power, it looks fair enough. Talking about the price, it looks expensive enough. To get the car, people need to prepare $99,885 up to $122,385.

But for the right trush reported we give some:

The 2014 Dodge Viper SRT® configuration tool is live.

Again for 2014, two variants of the potent Dodge Viper SRT® are offered, allowing customers to more closely tailor a vehicle to their preference. Enter the Dodge Viper SRT and Dodge Viper SRT GTS. Each with a different approach, the two variants maintain the goal of delivering the utmost performance from a hand-built vehicle. Aimed squarely at the performance enthusiast, the Dodge Viper SRT is the supercar in its purest form. With race-ready bucket seats and a simplistic approach, it’s ready for track duty at a moment’s notice. The record-setting Viper TA Special Edition package takes things to the next level of on-track performance. Fully prepared for touring duty, the Dodge Viper SRT GTS is a more refined approach at harnessing the V-10’s fury. No matter the flavor, both Dodge Viper SRT variants are road-going sculptures equipped for spirited driving.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT® MSRP

    Dodge Viper SRT® $102,485
    Dodge Viper SRT with Grand Touring package $109,985
    Dodge Viper SRT with the TA package  $118,485
    Dodge Viper SRT GTS $124,985

source: dodge’ site

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