2014 Honda CR-V Specs, Price, and Review

2014 Honda CR-V Specs, Price, and Review – Honda has been a tough competitor in automobile industry for many years, and gain increased popularity from time to time, with its excellent cars features, suitable for family rides or off-road lovers. As for Honda CR-V itself, since marketed in 2007, this car has been among the best-selling crossover vehicles in the US. Looking at the new 2014 Honda CR-V, customers can see quite improvements from this model.

The new 2014 Honda CR-V will be available in great versatility, reliability, and capable to cater the family needs for a high performance crossover utility, with more space and practicality compared to its rival in the same class. According to 2014 Honda CR-V specs, price, and review, the car will come in three variants, namely the LX, EX, and EX-L. In addition, this time you will see some enhancements in the interior design and performance, which make the vehicle appropriate for any usage. Choices of trim levels, options, front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive are available for your convenience.

2014 Honda CR-V Specs, side view

Cutting-edge Exterior Design, Redesigned Outlook

Speaking about the exterior facelift, unfortunately, all three variants are sufficiently similar to the last time this model was redesigned in 2012, probably with slight improvements here and there. It comes with trimmed front and rear styling, giving up the look suitable for businessperson or families, yet still lack of elegance. If viewed from any angle, the new 2014 Honda CR-V looks necessarily pretty and edgy.

In 2014 Honda CR-V specs, price, and review, you can see that all models are equipped with power door mirrors, rear cargo, but the front fog lights and are available in EX, and EX-L models, and the heated door mirrors is only accessible in EX-L model. All are coming with off-road capability, choices between all-wheel and front-wheel drive.

2014 Honda CR-V Specs, headboard

Coming inside the car, you will see several advanced technology and features, making the interior design look stunning and comforting. Roomy space and extended cargo loading gets positive feedback from the customers, along with various technologies such as low tire pressure warning, outside temperature display, tachometer, and choices of entertainment options that varied from each model. Standard backup camera is also available to enhance safety.

Excellent Performance and Exceptional Fuel Economy

Along with capability for on-road or off-road rides, the 2014 Honda CR-V is equipped with 4-cylinder engine, providing excellent performance and better fuel efficiency in its class. All models are capable to produce 185 horsepower at 7000 rpm, torque of 163 lb-ft at 4400 rpm, with 5-speed automatic transmission and 2.4-liter I-4 (regular gas).

2014 Honda CR-V , performance

The highlighted parts of all 2014 Honda CR-V variants have excellent fuel economy, showed in the test, in which on average, all models achieve 23/31 city/highway with front-wheel drive, and loses 1 point of each using all-wheel drive.

According to 2014 Honda CR-V specs review, the customers will be accompanied by improved safety features, including panic alarm, traction control, dual front impact airbags, electronic stability, immobilizer, and many more. Unfortunately, the navigation system is outdated, and only available for EX-L model by paying extra money worth $1500.

2014 Honda CR-V specs, baggage room

As can be seen in the 2014 Honda CR-V specs, price, and review, you can afford the LX model for $21,554 to $24, 159, the EX model for $23,520 to $26,295, and the EX-L model for $26,000 to $28,945. Still, with all those versatility and compatibility, the new Honda CR-V variants are worth the price.

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