2014 Honda Mobilio Specifications and Price

2014 Honda Mobilio Specifications and Price

Honda was launched their mini MVP since 2001 to 2008 for the first generation of 2014 Honda Mobilio. It was a seven-passenger and one of the parts of Honda’s Small Max series. However, 2008 is the death of this mini MPV because Honda also launched the Freed to replace the Mobilio as their minivan. The origin of Mobilio was a 1.5 Liter compact-wagon. It small version was launched in Japan on 19th September 2002 as the second model in the Small Max series. Mobilio was known as highest fuel rating at the moment because it has 17.2 km per liter in its class, 7-passenger vehicle and then its spacious cargo at 6.09ft of deep and 3.6ft of tall. Besides of the dimensions, Mobilio also has 5 modes cargo configuration, they are: long mode, twin mode, refresh mode, utility mode and adjustment mode. It was also one of the pioneers of sliding doors design on each side. Last year, 2014 model year of Mobilio was launched by Honda in Asia and South Africa such as Indonesia and India. Honda decided to refresh their costumer’s thirst for a minivan. Let us see the 2014 Honda Mobilio specifications and price below.

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We start from the 2014 Honda Mobilio specifications firstly. The first generation of Mobilio has a 1.5 Liter VTEC engine which designed only for power and fuel economy segments. This car had an achievement from Japan Ministry of Transport that it has an excellent low emissions vehicle. Then, what about the second generation? Honda had given 1.5 Liter L15Z1 i-VTEC Petrol engine or i-DTEC Diesel engine. For the transmission, there is a different from the first and second gen. The first gen had a seven-speed manual and automatic shift and CVT, meanwhile the second gen has a five-speed manual or CVT for E and E Prestige trims. 2014 Honda Mobilio specs was derived from Honda Brio platform. We can see the similarities of its front face with Honda Brio. The headlights are curvier and make this mini MVP unique with its own characteristic. Large front grille and body color door become the exterior features look stylish and elegant. The interior gets a perfect finish and look. It was covered by wooden trim with black and beige colors at the dashboard and also door panels. Thanks to the spacious cabin which made an extra legroom and headroom space. As same as its predecessor, the body has a protection to collision which keeps the occupant safe inside this car.


The 2014 Honda Mobilio price starts from $12,900 as standard trim, E trims at $14,480 and E Prestige at $16,000.  This mini MVP has to compete with Toyota Avanza, Nissan Grand Livina in Indonesia and Chevrolet Enjoy and Toyota Innova in India. Honda had sold more than 7,526 units since April 2014 and it will be increased until the end of 2014. On June, Honda already launched the sportier version of Mobilio, RS trim in Indonesia. The updates were very significant if we compared it with Prestige trim such as full black color, headlamp with DRL and 15’’ wheels. That’s all for the 2014 Honda Mobilio specifications and price, hopefully you are enjoying this article.

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