2014 Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 Concept

2014 Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 Concept BESTTECHCARS.COM The hybrid supercar era, of course your Lamborghini do not want to miss supercar strong but following the trend of the environmentally friendly. Although a bit weird the hell, because the people who can afford to buy your Lamborghini should not have to worry about how economizes this car if used, but how fast. Well, your Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 maybe is the answer your Lamborghini over the presence of the era of supercar hybrid which is again climbing fronds. Nope, still v10 engine 5200 Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 can be a weapon. 5200 v10 cc engine power until it can be to throw up 610 horsepower and torque as much as 560 nm. In the sense, without the addition of electric power was in fact this car’s been so tight supercar compared to the current.

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As a hybrid, your Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 was equipped with three pieces of electric motor as an engine of driving hybrid. 2 each fruit motor placed on the front wheels and electric motor 1 fruit placed sticking with an engine as a starter motor vectoring hybrid with a system of torque. A lithium ion battery in transmission to get put on the optimizing weight distribution vehicles. Thanks to the use of electric motor, Lamborghini claim this car can run as far as 50 km without even a gasoline engine power. But if running in a full electric, Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 will be the first use of locomotion fwd. The hybrid machine with exertion, Lamborghini said that this car can accelerate 0 to 100 km per hour in just three seconds, and maximum speed of this car that can be achieved about 320 km per hour.

Uniquely, Lamborghini said that it allowed me 4.1 liter need to attend the 100 kilometers. To give a weight that very low this car is made with the chassis of a body and monocot of carbon fiber as the ranks of car latest Lamborghini. The funny is, Lamborghini make car is not just a supercar usual, but supercar that can be used daily because the engines not easily heat in urban and start in the design of a larger door, head rooms are higher windscreen more upright and blind spot more minimal make this car more comfortable used daily. Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 will also are provided with a seat with the configuration 2 + 2 unfortunately we are not getting an image of the second row seats in release your Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 this.

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