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2014 Subaru XVBESTTECHCARS.COM – . 2014 Subaru XV is the result of cross breeding of Subaru Impreza sedan and SUV Subaru Forester. What do you offer on the Subaru XV crossover?

Although developed from the Impreza, Impreza few left identity when we are dealing with the front display XV, such as the headlamp and grille hexagonalnya. The rest has been redesigned by Subaru engineers in order to bring a sporty look and tough like a true crossover. The front bumper features a black material that resembles rubber to provide protection and strengthen the impression of stout.

Continues on the body side, we will soon realize that the hatchback Impreza XV is elevated to increase the home range. At the wheel arches and side skirts, we also found that black molding material similar to what we find in the front bumper. Its function is, none other than to protect the car body from scratches gravel from the street.

In the back, we get under body protector are painted body color, and the left and right still black plastic material that comes from the side of the car. Rear lights tend to be simple and messing about, and identity crossover stronger with the presence of the roof rail.

2014 Subaru XV wearing size 17 inch rim with a two tone touch very pretty, with size 225/55 Continental tires MC5 to be with him. With a ground clearance of 220 mm, the XV is higher than other Japanese crossover that does not reach 200 mm, even higher than the Land Rover Freelander is only 210 mm.

In the corner of the rear bumper, we will find parking sensor that helps us when parked vehicles.

Still not satisfied with the parking sensors? No problem, because 2014 Subaru XV also features parking camera. Usually the only car in its class to offer one of the parking lot between the sensor or camera, while the XV offers both. Imagine how easy it is to monitor ambient conditions while parked XV.

In the trunk, will be read Symmetrical AWD emblem in the bottom left corner. It will give us imagination of how easily traverse a variety of terrain with XV, at the same time make it different from other crossovers on the market.

Overall, the 2014 Subaru XV has managed to convince anyone who saw that he was a tough and sporty crossover. This is thanks to the use of black accents on the body which makes it more gahar and styling of a sporty hatchback Impreza.

When first entering the cabin, we will be surprised by the appearance of the interior. The interior was so special for segmentation and price tag of the car. Each lever and buttons are designed to prioritize functionality XV. Not a bad thing really, but we expect the interior to look more attractive by the view outside is already in character.

However, there is good news for us all. Behind the interior design standards, Subaru uses very high quality materials, for example dashboard that uses soft touch materials. Each of the levers and buttons also use good quality plastic with a finish that is very neat and precise.

Wheel has a leather lining and features a number of buttons on each side, ie audio and phone control buttons on the left side as well as a key regulator of cruise control. The steering wheel is equipped with a tilt and telescopic arrangement also provides the paddle shift to a more dynamic driving experience and make the car more responsive, but the paddle shift is only active when the gear lever is in the position of M. Our hands will not feel slippery when holding the steering wheel thanks to the use of materials nice leather grip, but the designs are too conventional, without the thumb pad on the left and right of the steering wheel that not only works to increase comfort, but to make it look more sporty steering wheel.

For the instrument panel, engine speed indicator 2014 Subaru XV put on the left and the speedometer on the right, both have a silver outline. Between the two indicators, MID screen that displays a lot of information such as the fuel indicator, odometer and tripmeter. On the left and right ends of a key regulator of MID, good for MID located on the instrument panel and in the center of the dash.

Continues to the bottom right of the steering wheel area, there are several buttons that can adjust the lighting of the instrument panel and adjusting the height of headlights. On the right side, there is a button to turn on or turn off the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) which maintain driving stability.

While in the driver’s door trim door, no power window buttons, controls and electrically folding mirror, door lock and window lock. For door trim, the same material used to wrap the leather car seat.

Unfortunately, again the door trim design seem ordinary. Maybe Subaru should learn from other manufacturers in presenting an attractive interior design and can liven up the atmosphere.

When we look at the top middle of the dashboard, there MID screen that displays temperature, time, distance has been reached, the approximate distance before petrol runs out, a long journey, and average fuel consumption. With a bright display and large font, this MID can be seen easily.

There are three automatic AC regulator knob surrounding the direction of the blow, blowing strength and conditioning temperature. Using a double-DIN head unit from Kenwood with touch screen operation. The head unit has sophisticated features, the CD / DVD player, MP3, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX. Unfortunately, the resulting sound quality mediocre. Our advice, it’s good to add a portable subwoofer to improve sound quality.

For safety, the Subaru XV features ISOFIX seat in the back, then there are 3-point seatbelt in each row of seats. Special front, fitted setabeltnya height adjustment. Not to forget, the brake system ABS, EBD and three airbags are located in front of the driver, front passenger and driver knee comes as standard.

In the center console, center console lid slides forward and functioned as an armrest driver and passenger, unfortunately the shift is less developed so that the arm is not accommodated us perfectly.

Special variants Premium, 2014 Subaru XV has a pair of headrest monitor as an entertainment medium rear passengers while traveling away when bored or stuck in traffic.

For the trunk, as high ground clearance and AWD system that causes a high rear axle, inclined ordinary luggage capacity and the floor is quite high. Fortunately, Subaru provides a flexible tray cover and put the spare tire under the trunk so it is more practical and flexible. 60/40 rear seats can also be folded apart easily if you want to load a large item, such as a bicycle or a closet.

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The interior legroom and headroom XV had enough to accommodate adult passengers without feeling cramped. Rear seat backrest angle is more fall than rivals in its class. Although not equipped with reclining arrangement, we assess the space behind it is more than enough.

Although high ground clearance, thanks to the base Impreza, the cabin is easily accessible by people with height below 170 cm, especially women. It’s easy to get the ideal driving position thanks to the seat that has height adjustment in addition to sliding and reclining. Although it has leather seats, the seats feel less sustain our upper body while maneuvering at high speed.

Performance and Handling

To be honest, we initially dubious handling XV, but after crossing the toll roads, congestion and bumpy road, we were surprised by the handling and suspension settings.

Thanks to a combination of MacPherson front suspension and Rear Double Wishbone behind commonly used in premium cars, 2014 Subaru XV feels stiff, but the suspension travel has been designed both to reduce all road conditions with ease, and ensures maximum comfort for the driver and passengers.

The wheel has a very good feedback, can communicate road conditions to the driver, but it feels a little light in a straight street. When discussing the handling and ride, is where Subaru shows its greatness. XV feels extremely stable and agile at high speed, in the extreme when switching lanes at high speeds generated any body roll is minimal, and even harder to detect, or when crossing the muddy and bumpy roads, we will feel the grip of the abundance of all four wheels, as if -will all stick to the road wheels.

This amazing ability is obtained with a combination of boxer engine has a low center of gravity and Symmetrical AWD system makes the XV able to overcome any road conditions with ease.

2014 Subaru XV is also very stiff chassis, thanks to the ring-shaped reinforcement frames that provide total protection during a crash. Demonstration level XV chassis rigidity can be seen from the photo above, when crossing obstacles XV and one of the wheels hanging, we can still open and close the door very easily, because the chassis is not going to twist like other crossovers.

In the sector of kitchen runway, XV armed latest 2,000 cc boxer engine from Subaru, which produces 150 PS at 6,200 rpm and 196 Nm at 4200 RPM. As a distributor of power, Lineartronic CVT transmission can also be controlled manually via paddle shift. Acceleration at low speeds is not so responsive, but when driving at high speed and was about to overtake another car, XV finish very easily.

Regarding fuel consumption, most people have always considered that the vehicle is 4WD or AWD system adheres consumption BBMnya definitely not exactly economical. We do not deny it, but after testing the XV and counting BBMnya consumption, we obtain results beyond our expectations. After being driven at high speed on the freeway, stuck in traffic jams in Jakarta long and tortured it out as a test car, the XV is still able to carve 8 km / liter. In our opinion, this is a very good result considering the XV is a car that adheres to the AWD system.

We were surprised with the experience of driving the Subaru XV. Suspension combines fit and perfect combination between comfort and steady handling like a sedan though high ground clearance, plus the flexibility and toughness of an SUV. Interior design is not too amazing, but we appreciate the efforts of Subaru in the use of quality materials all over the cabin and advanced features that it offers. For the exterior, we assess XV actually confirms that he is a true crossover, with a handsome appearance and sporty, but not too flashy.

In the end, 2014 Subaru XV defines not only how should a crossover, but also raise the standard of how a crossover should be made, or in short, a true crossover Subaru XV is interesting, especially for those who are looking for driving satisfaction. Starting at $21,995* MSRP

What we like:
– The exterior is handsome but not flashy
– Full-featured as DVD, CD, MP3, GPS, Aux, USB and Bluetooth connection
– Groud high Clearance
– Rigid Chassis
– Handling steady
– Equipped Symmetrical AWD
– Boxer engine with a low center of gravity
– Competitive prices
We do not like:
– Exceptional interior design
– Less supportive seats
– Transmission CVT does not maximize the potential of the machine
– There is no rear seat arrangement
The quality traditional voice
– The luggage is not too broad

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