2014 Toyota Rav4

2014 Toyota Rav4 – BESTTECHCARS.COMToyota Rav4 is a kind of medium SUV car that has been launched in this year. This car is designed to beat some other kinds of SUV cars from different brands such as Mazda CX5, Honda HRV and Nissan Xtrail. This car uses two types of engine. They are 2000 cc and 2500 cc. To know closer about this car, it is the right time to discuss 2014 Toyota Rav4 Review Specs and Price. You will know all about the car.


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Toyota Rav4 Exterior and Interior

Toyota Rav4 has length of 4570 mm, width of 1844 mm, and height 1661 mm.  When you see this car, it is very interesting and attractive though it is only being a SUV car or off road car. But, this car tends to use in crossing on road streets with various street conditions. If off road car is identical to pressed wheels, this car uses medium wheels in which it can be used to cross off road and on road streets. For the front car parts, it has been designed quite high so that it is able to pass high puddle. Fog lights supported are quite good with large and wide design. It also has yellow burn giving optimal lighting when the weather is bad. Meanwhile, to save electricity at afternoon, it is completed with LED day running light. The bottom parts of the car use aluminum alloy wheels that are stable and strong. Rear view mirrors can be folded electrically and added turn signal lamps. Then, roof parts are placed roof tail having a function to be roof box. To be a car designed to cross various road conditions, it has a better design. The interior features of this car accentuate comfort and great technology. It has been completed with automatic air conditioner. Then, it has an Eco specification to save fuel. Audio system is great to connect gadgets. It has parking and back cameras to monitor the situation. Cruiser control is useful to keep speed of cars to be stable.

Engine Specifications and Safety Systems

Toyota Rav4 uses automatic transmission with 6 speeds that is transferred by two front wheels being power. It has been moved with typical front movement systems with better car acceleration. Meanwhile, the brake uses a ventilating disk so that it is quite safe when the car is accelerated high. With sophisticated brake technology, this brake is excellent for a medium SUV car. Then, for safety system to avoid crashes, it is installed some airbags to protect drivers from face, hands to legs. Immobilizer system will prevent the car from criminals and robbery. Then, side impact door beam has been designed to divert crashes from passengers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Toyota Rav4
The advantages of Toyota Rav4 are the luxury interior. It also has many good features and the ability of the engine is fantastic. The combination of engine with wheel movements will produce the car with better acceleration in on road terrains. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of this car are the passenger capacity only accommodating five adults and quite expensive price.

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