2015 All New Mazda 2

2015 All New Mazda 2 is the kind of City Car or Hatchback mazda issued by the year 2015, All New Mazda 2 is itself a 3rd generation of the Mazda2 are experiencing changes in the features of the exterior and interior of the car from generation to two earlier (before the year 2015). 2015 All New Mazda2 was made larger, more comfortable and more options in driving a car ride with 3 modes (manual, matic and sport).

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2015 All New Mazda 2 Exterior
The changes appear to be starting from the exterior that appeared more solid with a smooth curve of curves yet solid, larger car dimensions make this car even more relieved when all the seats are occupied, a large air holes provide air supply to cool the engine is also more so be a better engine performance (durable).
The stability of drive the All New Mazda2 is supported by the exterior design with low friction (to minimize friction with the air) as well as the legs of a steady car starting from a fairly large wheel diameter and alloy wheels are lightweight but strong.
If seen from the front of this car’s impressive high-speed cars, but if viewed from the back of this car looks like the car adventure (SUV).

2015 All New Mazda 2 Interior
On the interior cabin space made more airy (relieved) so passengers can more comfortably in a cabin (not easily tired during a long trip), on the dashboard of the car has also been embedded on-site surfing in cyberspace (internet) via a cellular card connection. Practically on the interior of Mazda2 delivers features to upper middle class car.
On the Central dashboard display screens embedded LEDs multi-functional, can be for navigation (gps) devices and rear camera, a means of communication (telephone and internet), for example MID control monitor tool to monitor the AIR CONDITIONING and other features are enabled.
Passenger capacity 5 persons car is coated in leather seats that are claimed can improve passenger comfort while traveling far for example between cities.

2015 All New Mazda 2 Engine
On the part of all new mazda2 engine still wears the previous generation machines (unchanged): with the engine cylinder capacity of 1500 cc, his excellence on the transmission system that can automatically shift padle and manual (lever padle shift behind the wheel circumference). This shift padle transmission gives comfort excellent driving using this transmission system (only for top-class cars with a very expensive price.
The All New Mazda2 is capable of producing power of 115 Hp at 6000 Rpm engine rounds it still loses power honda Jazz engine that powered 120 Hp, but see the transmission system (padle shift) it seems very able to make automotive lovers love while honda Jazz latest 2015 still use CVT transmission system has a torque of Mazda2.148 nm at 4000 rpm, the engine compares well to automotive lovers can see the specs/capabilities of the engine honda jazz here.
New Mazda2 has 3 mode in driving the fashion sport fashion matic, and manual mode. If the auto lovers to travel relaxed aotomatic mode can use (normal), if you want to drive more aggressive then automotive lovers can change to ride sport mode (press the button sport), if the auto lovers like to have full control on the system then the transmission manual mode can wear and use the lever behind the steering wheel to padle to control it (quite fun isn’t it).

Advantages and disadvantages of 2015 All New Mazda 2

2015 All New Mazda 2 has many advantages, especially in terms of features such as internet facilities, telephone facilities, transmission system padle shift, 3 mode control, control of the car’s condition only through 1 screen LED monitors, and many other features.
While the weakness of the All New Mazda 2 only on machines that are still with the previous generation of machines, these machines cannot be said to be bad but cannot also is said to be the best vehicle in its class because it is still losing power 5 Horse Power engine of the Honda Jazz, which power the machine does indeed become the hallmarks of Honda Jazz.
For the quality of the engine All New Mazda 2 is still like the 2nd generation has accelerated the speed of 0 km/h to 100 km/h was 11.5 seconds, has a FUEL consumption of 15 km for 1 litre bbmnya (route Freeway), have power 115 Hp.

2015 All New Mazda2 Release Date and Price
This car was introduced at the IIMS likely 2014 in September-October of 2014 as well as giving the car price range $15,007 – $17,260

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