2015 Audi Q9 Price and Specs

2015 Audi Q9 Spectacular Luxury Crossover

Crossover is one of the most attractive cars in this era. There are many people who prefer buying crossover to other kinds of car. It is because crossover offers the great performance that makes it able to drive on any road condition. There are many car companies that produce crossover. One of them is Audi. Audi is one of the most popular car companies. Recently, they launch crossover every year. One of the most interesting things of their crossover is the luxury model. The future crossover that will be released soon is 2015 Audi Q9. If you are curious, let’s see the specs below.

2015 Audi Q9 Exterior

Q9 is a luxury crossover. So, it comes with luxury design, including from the exterior. There are many things that make 2015 Audi Q9 exterior is attractive. One of them is the deep glass. 2015 Audi Q9 comes with tinted deep glass that makes it look stylish. Besides that, the beam also becomes one of the focus changes. It will come with preprogram of projector with high intensity. Then, you can also see the turn signal indicators, manual folding side mirrors with electrically operated, door handles, and rear and front are all colored.

2015 Audi Q9 Interior

Not only the exterior, but the interior of 2015 Audi Q9 is also amazing. This luxury crossover comes with comfortable seats. So, you can enjoy this. Besides that, you will also be offered with many entertainment features that will make you enjoy every meter of your driving. Then, you also do not need to worry about the safety because this crossover is completed with many safety features. So, the design is perfect outside as well as inside.

2015 Audi Q9 Performance

Then, it will be very interesting to talk about the performance. 2015 Audi Q9 performance is related to the engine where this luxury crossover has two options of engine. The first is TFSI 3.0 envisaged of motor engine. With this engine, 2015 Audi Q9 will be able to generate up to 300 horsepower. If you want more, there is optional engine that offers the higher horsepower. That is V8 base engine. With this optional engine, this luxury crossover will have about 500 horsepower. One interesting thing more is that it will come with hybrid engine.

2015 Audi Q9 Release Date

After knowing the specs, now you need to know the release date of 2015 Audi Q9. Since there is no official information about is, it is difficult to say. However, some rumors say that the mid of 2015 is the release date of this crossover. Other rumors say that it will be released in the end of this year.

2015 Audi Q9 Price

The last important thing is discussing the price. 2015 Audi Q9 price is still high. Because this is a spectacular vehicle, this will come with about $ 145,000. However, all the specs will make you satisfied. So, that price will be very reasonable for 2015 Audi Q9.

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