2015 Audi R8 Concept

Things about 2015 audi r8 Concept, Specs and Release Date

BESTTECHCARS.COM – Audi R8 is one of the sport car variants being a dream of many people. This car looks very powerful and appropriate for being raced with high speed in the street. This car is being a pride of Audi Motors. Many people have felt the speed of this car in the highway. But, Audi R8 is spending much fuel. Due to the reason, it is seldom to use for daily activities.

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What Are the Audi R8 Specifications?

There are many people who want to know 2015 audi r8 concept, specs and release date. It is the right time to discuss its specifications. Audi r8 has great specifications. The engine used has larger capacity with 4163 cc that can produce power of 430 ps in 7900 rpm. It means that this can be used to race in the highway. There are some other variants of Audi r8 using V10 engine. This engine has power about 525 ps. One of the engine advantages is the ability to accelerate that is almost perfect. This car is very powerful and comfortable to drive.

Audi r8 uses automatic transmission having 7 speeds. It is a futuristic and modern car so that you can race it in the highway. The specifications of V8 and V10 engine are excellent. Meanwhile, the transmission systems are completed with two choices manually and automatically. The V10 engine has a capacity of 5.204 cc and power of 525 ps. What about the price of Audi r8? If you see its features and advantages, it is labeled very expensive and fantastic. It has 154.600 euro. You need to save much more money to buy this car. But, this car is very satisfying to drive.

2015 Audi R8 Interior and Exterior

Let’s talk about Audi R8 interior. This car is designed very expensive and elegant making people feel comfortable in driving it. It belongs to high class cars. The cooling system of this car can be managed with some various levels. The body design of this car is very futuristic so that it in out of date to show off in the highway. The advantages of Audi r8 are suspension element that can be used very smoothly and overcome bad roads. The car with large capacity engine is usually uncomfortable in the bumpy road. But, it does not happen to Audi r8. Brake system of this car is using ABS being one of the best brake systems in the world. 2015 audi r8 Concept, Specs and Release Date have been known very clear. It will be released in the mid of 2015 with fantastic price about more than 150.000 euro.

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