2015 BMW i8 Specs and Price

New 2015 BMW i8 Sport Car Review – Who does not know about BMW? Of course, everyone knows it. It is one of the most successful car companies. They have produced many cars and most of them are sport cars. Yes, sport cars become the most attractive cars by BMW. This year, they also launch some new sport cars. One of them is 2015 BMW i8. It has been months after it’s launching and this sport car has attracted so many buyers. It shows that it becomes one of the favorite cars for people. In this article, I will share the review about this sport car so that you can use it as a reference.

2015 BMW i8 Designs

The first thing of the review is 2015 BMW i8 designs. Let’s start from the exterior. There are many things that people love about this new sport car. One of them is the coupe look that is very sleek. Besides that, for the lights, 2015 BMW i8 uses LED lighting. It is applied on both headlights and taillights. So, it is very stylish. The, it also has improved air flow that makes this car more comfortable. It is also designed with scissor doors.

For the interior, you will feel many comforts. Leather filled interior can be one of the reasons. Besides that, 2015 BMW i8 is also completed with other comfort features. Then, this sport car has tiny of rear seats. Safety features are also installed so that you will feel safe when driving this sport car. If you need entertainments, you can also get it all because there are USB ports, large screen, mp3, DVD player, and there are still many other entertainment features that are available in this new car.

2015 BMW i8 Engine

The next is about the engine. Engine is a vital part from a car because it affects the performance. So, a sport car must have a high engine and 2015 BMW i8 engine is advanced. This new sport car is powered by 1.5 liter base engine and 3 cylinders. It is also supported with 7.1 kWh of lithium ion. With that engine, 2015 BMW i8 is able to generate up to 358 horsepower. How amazing performance it is!

Besides that, the engine also affects the speed. This new 2015 BMW i8 is able to run up to 75 miles per hour. Then, this car also offers Max E-mode that is the electric mode. Of course, it affects to the fuel efficiency. With E-mode, this new sport car is able to reach up to 29 miles per gallon in the combination of the city and highway.

2015 BMW i8 Price

The last review is about the price. Is the price reasonable considering the specs above? With that specs, it results 2015 BMW i8 price that is very high. This new sport car is priced about $ 136,000. That is still a reasonable price. Hopefully this can be useful. So, if you are interested in 2015 BMW i8, just buy it now.

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