2015 Dodge Dakota Concept, Release Date and Price

2015 Dodge Dakota Concept, Release Date and PriceBESTTECHCARS.COM – The first thing you should know: 2015 Dodge Dakota Concept is a redesigned model. The first model appeared in 1987. The new model will be released in 2015 in order to increase the sales in American market. Why is it like that you say? It is because the low sales on previous model and status of pickup truck category on America. The company trying hard and invest a lot in order to meet the customer demand. The new model will be having a new exterior design so that the vehicle seems attractive and modern. The production will take place in Mexico and it expected to have a new improvement that allows you to reduce the fuel cost which called fuel economy system.

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2015 Dodge Dakota Concept DESIGN

As I have said before (or wrote?), the 2015 Dodge Dakota Concept is redesigned by the time it is launched. The new model will be more modern and powerful compared to the old ones. It will be a little bit longer and heavier than before, but the fuel economy system will be improved. In the front, it will be have a redesigned grille and a streamlined headlight. To make the design more stylish, the front and back bumpers will be in the same color with the body. The new model has four doors and a trailer to load the luggage. The trailer door is easier and functional to open so it will help you a lot to load the cargo. The car trunk is a little bit lower than the previous model but it still can carry a lot of your stuff. The company hopes that this vehicle can provide you transportation, to do your job (or business) and a comfortable ride for everybody.

2015 Dodge Dakota Concept INTERIOR

The price will be met with functional demand. Dodge Dakota Concept has provided with modern needs, for example audio player, air conditioner, navigation system, LCD displays, windshield defroster and many more. The interior designed to meet both the aesthetic and functional demands. The space inside the car is wide and comfortable enough. The equipment will be completed and new features will be added.


The engine for 2015 Dodge Dakota Concept is not yet revealed to the public. But from the unofficial information, assume that it is not certain; the engine will be not very much different from the competitors. It will use V6 engine with 4 cylinders; it is capable to create up to 210 horsepower. It connected by using 5 or 6 speed transmission. The fuel economy system is still a secret. The company is working hard to improve the consumption. They want to make the consumption into 30 mpg or about 7.8 l / 100 km for average. The company will have more to offer and the will be options for other engine but there is no certain information for now.

2015 Dodge Dakota Concept RELEASE DATE

The release date for 2015 Dakota Dodge Concept is still unknown for the customers, but it is expected in the fall 2015. The price is also still unknown too, but many have predicted it is around $60,000. The competitors will be coming from Ford F-15, Ford Ranger and Toyota Tundra.

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