2015 Dodge Dart SRT

Dodge will unveils The 2015 Dodge Dart SRT with a high-performance compact car that will get the SRT treatment but the release date hasn’t reported yet. So, Here prediction of Spesification, Engine, Design, Price of 2015 Dodge Dart SRT. The SRT model will join the lineup in mid-2016. The information about the Dart SRT has not still yet clear, but public can see some leaks about details of some great specification of this compact car. The debut should offer great performance in features and specs. The sporty and sophisticated appearance as well as agile maneuver and awesome engine performance are great combination for such daily basis car. Outside, you can expect rear spoiler with more aggressive look, larger tires and wheels, plus several performance vents and air scoops giving the powerful, exceptional, yet stylish silhouette to the car.

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There is no further information about the 2015 Dodge Dart SRT model but the standard Dart starts at $17,490, the midlevel 2015 Dart GT and SXT models get a $200 price upturn over the current models while its top-of-the-line Dart Limited starts at $23,990 which make the SRT will go much higher price tag. The new Dart SRT will land at showrooms in 2016. Its closest rivals include the Subaru WRX, WRX STI and Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution, which will be reformatted for the 2015 model year.


The 2015 Dodge Dart SRT is basically the same model with some performance updates over the standard model. It is believed will come in attractive new body colors like those in the standard Dart with the Laser Blue Passion Red, and Vitamin C. it will take the characteristics of Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Enthusiast can expect the car will be more sleek, stylish, yet strong from the new car design. The exterior upgrade also includes underbody aerodynamic update to increase down force and a new unique wheel. The Dart SRT will come with 17 inches alloy wheels. These larger tires and wheels combination will add significant performance aspect as well as better stability when maneuvering.


Inside, the 2015 Dodge Dart SRT is available with a new attractive exclusive interior trim choice and a lot of items including power mirrors and locks and climate control. In the safety division, Dart SRT will come with the uppermost safety equipment including standard automatic stability control, traction control, 10 airbags, and ABS as well as optional blind-spot sensor and rear cross-lane warning. The cabin design has less hard plastic material making it more elegant and sleek.


The 2015 Dodge Dart SRT is powered by new engine technology that meets standard partial zero-emissions vehicles. The update include new air cleaner, a new fuel filler neck, new engine overflow, upgraded fuel tank, revised vapor purge container and new fuel cover.


The 2015 Dodge Dart SRT is a high-performance compact car that comes with a turbocharged engine connected to standard all-wheel-drive. You can expect the new Dodge Dart will be powered by something around 4-cylinder 2 liters engine that will boost 160 hp and 550 lb-feet of torque. These combination will make the Dart SRT will be agile in movement and great on both low speed or high speed driving.

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