2015 Ford Atlas Specs, Price and Review

2015 Ford Atlas Specs, Price and Review – BESTTECHCARS.COM For the last week on the internet there are many speculations of what will Ford release for new generation of F-150 series for the next 2 years market, as the most popular car for the last 27 years and pick-up for 37 years in U.S market. The 2015 Ford Atlas draws the most interest and won the concept in international car festival. The company believes that 2015 Ford Atlas is the models which give the close review about 2015 F-150 model besides many model that has canceled. It also said that this model will be used to compete against GMC Sierra and 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.

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2015 Ford Atlas SPECS

Ford designed this model for its efficiency in fuel consumption and the front made to be wind resistant with a radiator that looks like a grill. Its back side can be opened which allows you to easily access the equipment and device. It also gives you a light to your baggage so it is easier for you to unload your stuff at the evening. It is completed with a glass roof.
The car will be bigger and powerful compared to the last model. The company reduce the weight for around 300kg because the use aluminum for its body. It has a special vent which will be open or close depend on the speed so it helps aerodynamic. The new equipment will be added such as Dynamic Hitch Assist (it helps when you driving uphill) and 360 degrees camera. The company has not yet released official information about the engine, but many has expected the engine used in this model will be Twin Turbo 3.5 L EcoBoost V6. In F-150 it is capable to produce 365 horsepower and 569 rotations. The 2015 model should be improved to 400 horsepower at least.
Standard safety equipment such as trailer swing control, crash airbags, antilock disc brakes and stability control is included. If an accident happens, a system called Sync system could use the paired cell phone device to call for a help from the establishment.
One back view and 360 degrees camera are available with back parking sensor. Most updated safety tools included to warn and prepare if you move forward. This will help the brake to its prime conditions and maximized its functions.

2015 Ford Atlas PRICE

The price for this 2015 Ford Atlas is around $ 29,410 (I’m not sure how exact it is). Consider that the company meets many expectations from customers. The performance increased and the power as well. This allows us to drive in any road conditions. The car is safe to drive and easy to manage which make it comfortable as a high performance truck. It also had a very efficient engine and wonderful design in both exterior and interior. The model is great and has various functions compared to Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma. Customers will be satisfied with modern and various equipments such as accounting system, cargo cradle, Ford’s unique touch, trailer backup assist, etcetera. The company will reveal this car to us in 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

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