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Ford fusion has declared to have the new model for year of 2015. The new model of the car of course will deliver the new features compare with the current one. The fuel efficiency of the car will become one of the features of the car itself. Other than that, the 3 Ecoboost of engines will be the performance of the car. So that, the fuel economy for the engine will become the highlights of this new model. Everyone can expect that the new model of 2015 Ford Fusion will come in exclusive style which has family-friendly style.

The 2015 Ford Fusion of course get some other excess since it is the new model. The new model of this car also will have a comfortable feel for both the driver and the passengers. It is kind of important thing for all kind of car because the comfy feeling of the driver and the passengers is most important than any other things. Hence, this car will deliver the spacious feel in the interior with the full-featured as well. This new model also is one of the cars which is the most attractive for the vehicle. It is said for the segment of the model car.

The appearance of the 2015 Ford Fusion interior

One of the important things which is considered to choose the best car by the shoppers is the interior of the car. This 2015 Ford Fusion delivers the best one for the interior style. The interior of the ford fusion offers the best materials which has excellent selection. Other than that, it also offers the advanced one for the technologies used. The legroom of the car also get better than the current one which deliver the longer wheelbase.

Furthermore, the seats for the car also get firmer and thinner. Those will help the seat much by delivering the more seat space for the back. Also, the front seat which has manual base offers the comfortable for seating and supportive feel as well. The 2015 Ford Fusion offers the best headroom too. It functions for avoiding the optional sunroof. Besides having the best material, this car also has great sounds for opening and closing door. It of course make the owner feel satisfied. Then, this new model of the car also has a superb safety assessment.

The engine of the 2015 Ford Fusion

Since the 2015 Ford Fusion is the new model for the car, this car of course has a great engine. A 2.5 liter and four-cylinder will deliver the 178 horsepower. In addition, this new model of the car also gets the automatic six-speed. This kind of engine will make the new model get more impressive.

The price and the release date of 2015 Ford Fusion

The price and the release date of the new 2015 Ford Fusion will get more intention for the shoppers most. This new ford fusion is expected to be on the market in 2015 because it is launched in summer of 2014 in the dealerships. The price of this new model will be around $40.000 while the smaller Ecoboost will have under $30.000.

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