2017 Ford GT40

The New Super Car 2017 Ford GT40

In 2015 year, 2017 Ford GT40 Company recently rocked the automatic world by holding the opening GT super car that is located at 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Events The New Ford GT40 is amazing because comprise sophisticated car products one of which is the 2017 Ford GT40. The New Ford GT40 is kind of a dream car today. This is because the 2017 Ford GT40 has a specification that is complete where all the modern facilities found in this type of car. For those of you who want to find a car that is very elegant and sexy impressed, The most discussed The New Ford GT40 2015 year is the most appropriate choice for you.

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Specifications of The New 2017 Ford GT40 Concept

The New Ford GT40 is a type of car that has been designed to perfection by the company in 2017 Ford GT40. Specifications that are owned by a 2017 Ford GT40 in 2015 year also very super namely a mid-mounted engine rear-wheel drive configuration. The New Ford GT40 In addition it also has a slim and sexy body and aerodynamic body couple. Machine used is the V-8, while for the new generation that comes with two new Eco Boost V-6 engines that have a twin turbocharger which has a super power that is powered 600 horsepower.

The materials used to assemble the new 2017 Ford GT40 also made of high-quality materials, with extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum i. It should be released in 2015 Ford GT40 cars production because it can be impressive power to weight ratio. In the interior of the passenger seat is also made of carbon materials paired with aluminum in the front and rear sub frames are packaged in a structural made of carbon fiber.

For the 2017 Ford GT40 suspension consists of a torsion bar which has a stylish racing style. The New Ford GT40 also has set up a push road which can be adjusted high rise. The wheels are applied to the 2017 Ford GT40 is 20 inch wheels shod 2 cup super-sports tire that has made specific to the type of The New Ford GT40.

Brakes that are applied also come from of carbon ceramic discs. For those of you who seek further information about the 2017 Ford GT40, you can directly do a search on the official websites featuring information specification of this type of 2017 Ford GT40. In addition, the internet you can also get the information that you can price with your finances. For more details you can also directly go to dealers selling 2017-2016-2015-90an eraFordGT40. There will certainly be getting accurate information.

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