2015 Ford Ranger Concept

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escription: 2015 Ford Ranger Concept, Price and Release Date, a partner is needed for a challenge. Power and balance, all of this is in one vehicle.

2015 Ford RangerBESTTECHCARS.COMthe Ford Motor Company is established in 1903. The founder of this international automotive company is Henry Ford. Do you like adventure? The Ford Ranger is suitable for anybody who likes to go on exciting adventures. Well, the body of Ford Ranger is very muscular. It is one of best large pick up cars. The technology that is applied in this muscular pick-up is built for extreme road. Muddy road, wet road, and even slippery road are the best track to test the performance of this brand new Ford Ranger.

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2015 Ford Ranger Concept, Price and Release Date, the exterior design cannot be doubted anymore. The previous series of this car becomes the favorite of every adventurer. The exterior concept can be said as the masterpiece in pick-up car model. A trip is not easy at all. Moreover, if there is fog that blocks the driver sight, it is really a dangerous condition. However, the fog light in the car is specifically created for this kind of situation. The power mirrors make the windows easy to be set. There are Tow bar and side step in exterior feature.

2015 Ford Ranger Concept, Price and Release Date this large pick-up car provides simple interior feature, but it still fulfills the basic service for the driver and the passenger. Ford Ranger is designed to be able to run in extreme road and every condition. It is not the car that is equipped with modern technology to face every obstacle, but the interior is carefully made to protect the passenger. The auto climate control is able to stabilize cold or hot temperature. By implementing the best wheels and a traction control system, it makes the car easy to be controlled and has excellent handling. Bored is the biggest enemy that come along in a long journey, but it is not a problem. This big guy is equipped with several entertainment devices inside.

2015 Ford Ranger Concept, Price and Release Date, Power and balance are the special quality of this ford product. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic type and there is manual type for another option. The engine which uses diesel as the power source produces a magnificent outcome. This 2.2 liter engine with 4 cylinder type is able to produce 147 horsepower. The release date is still unclear. However, it can be estimated that it will be launched early in 20152015 Ford Ranger Concept price is possible to be started from $25,000.

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