2015 Ford Thunderbird Price, Release Date and Engine Review

2015 Ford Thunderbird Price, Release Date and Engine Review – BESTTECHCARS.COM The new model of 2015 Ford Thunderbird is improved, both performance and looks. It is an elegant sports car and friendly to environment. The company, Ford itself is also the one of popular brand in world. The main feature from the company is its design which is different from other. The design is capable to make the car luxurious while it can maintain its efficiency at the same time.

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2015 Ford Thunderbird  PRICE
Unfortunately the price for this 2015 Ford Thunderbird is not yet announced, but many people expect it will be around $30,000. Hopefully this affordable price will help increase the sales. But this price could be changed, depends on the engine used and other facilities. The price is quite reasonable for such a luxury car but some of the customers though it was too expensive.

2015 Ford Thunderbird  RELEASE DATE

This 2015 Ford Thunderbird will be released at the end of year 2015. It is possible to become year 2016 model.

2015 Ford Thunderbird  ENGINE

The engine for this 2015 Ford Thunderbird could be new because the company develop new engine. One of the possibility is 3.9 L V8 which capable to produce up to 390 horsepower. This feature could become possible because of super charge. Another possibility is this car will use an even more powerful engine. Actually, this car is designed for special and classic car lovers, and they tend to choose the powerful and strong engine for their collection. It uses 5-speed automatic gear system and multi port injection firepower. The model designed to become more efficient, it also friendly to the environment and very economic fuel consumption.

2015 Ford Thunderbird  DESIGN

The platform used for this 2015 Ford Thunderbird is called T-bird. There is no certain information about whether the company will use the same engine with the previous model or not. There are many possibilities because Ford develops the powertrain and many designs. The model main concept is 2 seated cars which design was announced and become a new trend in the beginning of year 2000. 2015 Thunderbird is predicted to have longer wheelbases which make you to do a better handling and driving. It also let you to gain more balance since its front cable was relocated. The C-line will be longer than before. This model is an upgrade version from Taurus Volvo with front overhang to give you more space.
The model was designed to be luxurious. It is wider and bigger. The back seats are using a first class and luxurious material to provide the comfort and style.
The 2015 Ford Thunderbird is a comfortable car because it has more space since it expanded the exterior and interior. The price is reasonable because it offers you comfort and performance. It use a fusion of two door coupe with T-bird system which taken from the model before. This is a better model compared to the previous models. It is provided for those who seek not only a luxurious car but also more comfortable, friendly to the environment, economic fuel consumption and strong yet powerful engine for the maximum performance on the ride.

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