2015 Honda Prelude Concept and Price

Preparing To Welcome 2015 Honda Prelude Concept and Price

BESTTECHCARS.COM – Looking back in the last decade, Honda used to have Honda Prelude series that was stopped in 2001. Honda Prelude was first launched in 1978 as two doors sports car and gained quite some popularity. Although this car series was derived from Honda Accord, but it managed to survived for five generations. Until now, there’s no clear explanation on the reason for stopping Honda Prelude production back in 2001. Now, there are rumors spreading of the return of Home Prelude with more rumors going around on 2015 Honda Prelude Concept and Price. Some fan forums are mentioning that Honda is preparing to launch Honda Prelude in 2015. It certainly remarked the return of this iconic Honda legend back on the road.

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It’s still rumors and Honda has released any confirmation yet about the new release. However, fans of Honda Prelude can have their expectations up high on the presumptions of this 2015 Honda Prelude. This upcoming car won’t have the same look like the previous one, although it shares the same name. It’s likely that Honda will apply aggressive and futuristic design on the upcoming Honda Prelude. It will be distinctively different from the other Honda series. From sketches leaked on the internet, Honda will likely to insert the most advanced specs and features. It seems to be a solution from Honda to satisfy modern drivers. However, the most important part is certainly news of 2015 Honda Prelude Concept and Price. Modern concept is definitely becoming the main idea for this Honda Prelude. As the previous Honda Prelude was known for its excellent performances, there’s no doubt that Honda will keep the standard for drivers’ satisfaction. New engine will be used for this new Honda Prelude that will match with its new design.

Under the body kit, Honda seemed to prepare some powerful engine. Rumors have it that Honda prepares turbocharged 2 liter VTEC engine, slightly similar to Honda 2015 Type R. If Honda is aiming for fuel efficiency, it won’t be surprising the engine will be downgraded to have less power and torque. However, it’s expected that 2015 Honda Prelude will still have 250 horsepower. Another thing to complete 2015 Honda Prelude Concept and Price is on the budget that you must prepare to bring this powerful car home. There hasn’t been any official information on the price from Honda. Looking at the possible engine the manufacturer applies on this car, its likely 2015 Honda Prelude will be included as one of expensive car in the upcoming year.

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