2015 Hummer H4 Price and Specs

2015 Hummer H4 Luxury Sport Car

If you are a luxury sport car lover, you need to know the update cars. Luxury sport cars are more popular nowadays. With sporty design, great performance, and luxury concept, there are many people who are attracted. It can be seen from the car market that the selling of luxury sport cars is always increased. One of the newest luxury sport cars is 2015 Hummer H4. It is the new version in which the previous version is Hummer H3. Now, Hummer H4 becomes an interesting topic to be discussed. So, in this article, we will discuss about its specs.

2015 Hummer H4 Exterior

When you look at the exterior of 2015 Hummer H4, you will be amazed. 2015 Hummer H4 exterior offers many changes from the previous version. Of course, the changes come better. The first is from the height. It comes lower than H3. So, it looks more stylish and sporty. Besides that, the sections on the top and middle is able to be removed that makes it more attractive. For the bumper, it comes more masculine. Then, the headlight is redesigned with more aggressive look.

2015 Hummer H4 Interior

Then, we also need to look at the interior. The most priority of the interior is the comfort. As a luxury sport car, it offers the comfortable seats. So, when you drive though the rough roads, you will still feel comfortable. This luxury sport car is designed to have four seats. Besides that, 2015 Hummer H4 comes with many entertainment features. So, you can enjoy your driving. The entertainment features include USB, LC screen, mp3 players, stereo speakers, etc. Of course, the safety feature is also installed.

2015 Hummer H4 Performances

Now, it is time to discuss the most interesting topic that is 2015 Hummer H4 performances. The performances certainly relate to the engine that is used. 2015 Hummer H4 is powered by V6 base engine and 3.6 liter cylinders as well as Cadillac CTS. If the previous model has 300 horsepower, with that engine this luxury sport car H4 is able to generate more than it. Then, if H3 offers 14 miles per gallon in the city and 10 miles per gallon on the highway, the new version that is H4 offers more fuel efficient. So, it is clear that, the performance is greater.

2015 Hummer H4 Release Date

Then, we need to know the release date of this luxury sport car. Actually, there is no official information about it. However, some people believe that 2015 Hummer H4 will be released in the mid of this year. Some other people predict that it will be launched in the end of 2015. So, let’s wait.

2015 Hummer H4 Price

The last is about the price. This is also difficult to be predicted because 2015 Hummer H4 price is unknown. However, we can see that the previous model that is H3 is priced about $ 33,400 so we can expect that 2015 Hummer H4 will not be more expensive.

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