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BESTTECHCARS.COM – 2015 Mazda3 S Specs Review— Mazda, despite being a manufacturer that is relatively new and exclusive when it comes to production, certainly does not play around with 2015 Mazda3 S Specs Review. Maybe the reason why Mazda limit the number of the models they produce is because it has a performance standard it is aiming to keep. That certainly seems true when it comes to 2015 Mazda3 S. This one is a fighter, and there are so many things Mazda has done right with this thing that it is hard to pick a place to start. 

The new Mazda3 S of the year 2015 is a well-balanced car that gives you performance, style, and reliability all in one package that could be yours for less than $25,000. This car is one that will be there for you through thick and thin, due to its durability. If you purchase it now, it is there to stay. Driving comfort and beautifully designed outer and inner layer will also make you want to keep it for as long as you can. The sedan model is one that could give Toyota Corolla’s top position in this department some real challenge.


The Classy Exterior and Comfortable Interior

When it comes to 2015 Mazda3 S Specs Review, the first thing that comes to mind is the exterior. As usual, Mazda pays close attention to appearance. The design and color are there to catch eyes and attention as you travel past leisurely in this beautiful specimen of a vehicle. Available in both sedan and hatchback models, 2015 Mazda3 S is equipped with a 16 and 18 inch wheels. The 18 inch wheels, of course, come with a more powerful engine, but some reviewers have noted that the size of the wheels could make it a rather bumpy ride. But that is no large caveat that should keep you from considering this baby.

On the inside, as always Mazda does not pull punches. Accessories and equipment you would find on any other brand are right inside, beautifying the 2015 Mazda3 S Specs Review with their glorious presence. The driver seat is customizable, the steering wheel also set for your maximum driving experience, and there is even a touring computer that could assist you on your journey. The front seats are something to die for, and the bolstering is strong and reliable for the travels. The rear seats are foldable, so space should not be a problem.


The Engine and Overall Performance

When it comes to 2015 Mazda3 S Specs Review, of course the engine would always be the most important part. Mazda3 S does not fail to deliver the expected performance with a four cylinder engine and 2.0 liter capacity. Horsepower could easily rise to slightly more than the 150 mark. Acceleration is good and notable as better than average. And as for fuel economy, the sedan model averages at 35 mpg for both city and highway, while the hatchback trim averages at a slightly less impressive 33 mpg, but still very much above expectation. Maybe even more than that is you drive it correctly. All in all, 2015 Mazda3 S Specs Review declares that this is one reliable car with all around either good or great specs that will give you nothing to complain about.

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