2015 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S comes again in the middle of the society with the newest changes and price. This kind of car has been released since three years ago. It was on January 2012. It is getting changer over the year. For the example, 2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price has added the protection shield of a new battery. It is placed under its body of car. In addition, it also has the system of parking assist and the power of sunshade. Both of these renewals are placed within the hatch of rear.

2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price reviews

The special quality of 2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price is about the safety. It has many features which show off the safety than others. So that. No wonder if this Tesla Model S gets rating as the highest safety in America. The scores it made on during the testing crash. It also wins awards. It wins of reporting consumer and the purchasing of proper automotive by the enthusiast publications.

2015 Telsa Model S changes and specification

This 2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price has a great specification. It has dual motor on all-wheel drive with 70 kwh battery. It is 240 miles range or EPA and 5.2 seconds 0-60 mph. the top speed of this car is 140 mph with 329 hp. Dual motor of the Model S is the shape of improvement of the system of all-wheel drive.

Pricing in 2015 Telsa Model S : Price

2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price has been released for three years. The price is starting from $70.000. It is seen expensive for Model S. Yet, this kind of car has an ambition to have $35.000 for the electric car. Even though this car is expensive enough, it has sold more than 60.000 since the first time it has been released three years ago exactly on January 2012. It means people like this car much and the price is not a problem at all for them.

The feature of 2015 Telsa Model S

As the newest of 2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price, this kind of car has many features that will give satisfaction to the consumer. It has autopilot which combines between radar, the sonar sensors with 360 degree and a looking camera in ahead. The sonar sensors update the traffic with the real time. This car is able to park by itself automatically when it comes in the direction.

Afterwards, 2015 Tesla Model S Changes and Price still has other features. It is smaller and lighter. Be sides, it can monitor the step signs, pedestrian and the traffic signals. Furthermore, this Telsa Model S has a new software. It is 6.2 which is needed when emergency braking happen. Other than that, it will give warning when blind spot happen too. It is also an electric car with an interesting body and functional. People who see this car will be impressed because of it well-built and cool appearance.

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