2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser – BESTTECHCARS.COM2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser will meet your desire to have great off road ride. This is one of the best iconic of off road in its class.

Do you love to go off road? If so, you must be upgrading your ride with new comer of Toyota class of off road. 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be your best choice to company you in tracking the bumpy road. This Toyota FJ Cruiser is made in gallant and sturdy look. The exterior look, this off road car is actually does not look luxury, but it is fit for you all gentlemen. It is design to be fitted on the rocky and dusty area. In the 2015, this iconic off road car will be served in one engine option only. However, the color selections are provided in several colors.

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The interior design of 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser is redesigned to larger than before around 5 inch grille and headlights, this design is similar with JF 4×4  as the first model. The interior design is made more comfortable with cargo space. The arcs will be set on some ways of security system. This iconic off road vehicle is one of reliable vehicle with best characteristic of driving.

As mentioned that 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser is made in one engine selection only. It is designed with 4.0 liter V6 engine which can produce 260 horsepower. Moreover, it is also set with 271 lb-feet of torque. As the super manly off road, it is constructed with five speed gearbox. The transmission is made in automatic system with all trim rear wheel drive. However, there is still another possibility that he gear box of Toyota Cruiser will be set in 6 speed for all wheel drive model. To overcome all of bumpy, dusty and rocky road, it is built with economically fuel which is 16 mpg for the city driving and about 29 mpg for the highway off road. Looking at the features engine which is designed of 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser is not as the top level, but Toyota already tries to improve the performance and parameters better than the previous model.

FJ Toyota Cruiser for the 2015 series will have lots of competitors in the market, such as Mazda CX, Nissan Xterra, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durago, VW Touareg and Land Rover LR2. However, based on best price offer, JD Toyota Cruiser will be the most wanted vehicle than the others. It will be the top pricing about $27,000 as the most sales vehicle. Get your best of road partner on the bumpy road with 2105 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

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