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2015 Toyota Supra – BESTTECHCARS.COM – As time goes by, more information on the 2015 Toyota Supra Release Date. According to latest news, Toyota designers recently completed the design of the sports car, by borrowing some elements from the car concept FT-1. New Supra that weighted 1,400 pounds, created in collaboration with BMW, with the company of origin Germany is preparing a successor to Z4. The two cars will be presented in the next three years, with BMW to develop the platform, while Toyota develop fuel technology fuel cell.

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As reported in The Motor page Report and the Autoevolution some time ago, New Toyota Supra is rumored to be using Hybrid powertrain to spout his strength. Estimated to be completed in 2015, the New upcoming Toyota Supra Hybrid technology combines biroe21 with 3.5-liter V6 engine that is able to produce up to 400hp. amazing isn’t it?

The system of 2015 Toyota Supra will include a hybrid supercapacitors, where kinetic energy is stored for some time, and then used to improve the performance of the car. The reason for the selection of supercapacitors are being able to absorb energy faster than lithium-ion battery, while the important role played and the fact that it is lighter and smaller than the size of the battery. Will be placed in a new body designed for BMW, with a system designed by Toyota.

In terms of exterior design, car coupe (with two) is expected to adopt the design style of the Toyota FT-HS which was introduced at the North American International Auto Show 2007 Legenda. Although lower than 100kW power Nissan GT-R, Toyota’s plan would produce this car is lighter so it is capable of producing 147kW of power, just as they do on GT 86.

Up to now there has been no detailed information about the New Supra 2015. Until this news was revealed by the country’s car manufacturers, the Samurai would ensure that only carries two cars after an 86 GT was launched some time ago. So is the price of the Toyota Supra from 2015 has not been announced officially but there are some predictions about the price of the 2015 Toyota Supra range of $ 40,000. It will probably look more expensive but with the addition of the performance of the New Toyota Supra hybrid fuel systems and economy would be the best option for the buyer.

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