2016 Audi S6

The Amazing Drivingwith 2016 Audi S6

2016 Audi S6 is a modern car with model sedan. This is the new one and has good technology and good feature. Commonly, this sedan model looks same with other sedan models, there is no special aspect for the design of the chassis or about the form. But, you will not be disappointed about the feature, the engine specification, the performance, and the other superiorities.Truly, you will feel different feeling while you driving with this Audi’s new sedan.

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The Amazing Engine Specification

Although this model is a sedan, this car will make you surprise when you drive from the zero speed to the maximum speed. This car offers the best technology and the best engine specification. This car offers you with more horsepower, improved looks, and better tech, there is no reason not to love this Audi S6.There is also other model of Audi’s sedan that has same special offer which is 2016 Audi A6. This model has sameness in performance of the facility and the fiture.

The detail specification of Audi S6 will make you astonished and it looks like the best specification in a car that maybe you never seen before. This car offers you an intresting feature such as; four-wheel drive (4WD) system and also the S6 using the permanent 4WD. Other feature of the 2016 Audi S6 is powered by turbocharged inline with five cylinders petrol engine. The engine itself also was completed wit a Bosch electronic engine cuntrol system unit (ECU). The performance of the engine produces a power 169 HP at 5,900 (rpm). This powerfull engine give good performance for the S6 with a top speed of 235 kilomatres per hour (km/h), and 0 to 100 km/h only in 6.7 second.

So, what do you think then? With the good specification of a car that will give you a comfortable facilities. Surely, you will be sure and will not thinking to much for getting it. Now, about the price, how much is an Audi S6? As the all specifications of Audi S6, surely the price makes this car has high price which is $76,425.

The conclusion is, there are a lot of model sedan car that you can drive, but the only one that will not make you be dsappointed is 2016 Audi S6. The elegant design, rich interior materials, and innovative technology, surely it will feels different with the other model sedan car.

Summaries of 2016 Audi S6:

MPG: 17 city / 27 highway
MSRP: From $70,900
Wheel size: 19″ diameter, 8.5″ width
Horsepower: 450 HP
Engine: 4.0L V8
Fuel tank capacity: 19.8 gal

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