2016 BMW M8 Release Date, Price, Specs and Review

2016 BMW M8 Release Date, Price, Specs and Review – BESTTECHCARS.COMThe new model of sporty and luxurious car 2016 BMW M8 is going to be released soon. Soon? I don’t think it is “soon” because it has year 2016 label which means you should wait for 2 years. After all, BMW should consider about the German company rivals such as Audi and Mercedes. With their own models, R8 and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG they dominate in car market. Still, for their 100th business year BMW is expected to bring something new and unique with their M8. This is the first supercar and the performance should be astonishing.

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The basic model for 2016 BMW M8 is i8 Eco Vehicle by controls design and solar panel equipment. Unlike i8, the new 2016 BMW M8 is powered by fuel. The model designer wants to make it weight only 252kg (2,760 pounds) by add light materials such as aluminum, titanium, co2 fiber and magnesium for its body. It purposed to become a lighter car than its rival Ferrari 458 with 485kg weight and Audi R8 with 1,560kg weight. The elegant V shaped car is purposed for good air circulation for the engine to cool down. It expected to add a laser beam light which very helpful at faster speed. There is small information about the interior, but it will be improved by using a combination of high quality leather and carbon fiber. The drive will be on the back wheels. It also connected with 8 speed automatic transition. This feature makes it possible to accelerate from 0 to 100kph in less than three seconds. The top speeds reached 200 miles per hour make it a real powerful car. Some of the information said that the model will have around 640 t0 670 horsepower for its engine.
The upgraded version of M5 injected 4.4 liter twin turbo engine of V8 which is made from titanium and carbon fiber will give the new model M8 the best power compared to the last model of BMW cars.


This new model 0f 2016 BMW M8 is a supercar for certain, except for regular customers. The real price is still unknown but many have predicted it is around $330,000 up to $500,000. This also considered an announcement from the company that they are into luxury car market. This model target is not only for a large amount of customer but also to increase the sales.
In year 2013 the company has the record that their customer reached the larger quantity. They reached the international car market and also had 20% raise of marketing in China. But still they are behind Mercedes Company in high class car market. Hopefully the new 2016 BMW M8 can change it.
For more information about 2016 BMW M8 you should wait for Automobile Fair 2015. It is an event which held by BMW itself. In this event it is expected that the M8 will be a limited edition car.

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