2016 Chrysler 300 Concept Redesign

2016 Chrysler 300 Concept RedesignBESTTECHCARS.COMOften included the Chrysler 300 sedan into the category of medium, or be in a segment of the same with BMW or Mercedes-Benzes e-class seri-5, but because of our tax regulations somewhat strange, the 300c own price for having less competitive against rival of Germany. If you know it, a label srt8 here is the same with SRT used by the dodge charger, or is perhaps the most famous SRT viper. It is equivalent to the most current super car. In the exterior, the look is similar to standard Chrysler 300, just in front of chrome accents grail, and front bumper missing, replaced accent excited body, which makes it look more sporty and dynamic. In section, Chrysler replaced the rims Chrysler 300 rims with crossbar 7 with emboss SRT in his fingers, which are amazing being able to change the look of the Chrysler 300 of an executive luxury sedan into a Muscle Car.

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At the rear, Chrysler 300 also eliminates some chrome accents on the SRT8 version, the only remaining chrome accents, present only on the diffuser on the bottom of the rear bumper. If you pay attention to detail, Chrysler 300 is cleverly put the bolt in place of parking cameras from the stop lamp up in the middle of the trunk, so it makes the overall look neat and clean. In the interior, if the usual Chrysler 300 many use wood paneling and dark colored leather upholstered chairs, this SRT8, then accent carbon panel, dashboard made from Suede (velvet), gun metal grey accents on the steering wheel and seat upholstered with leather color red creates the aura of a cabin which is sporty.

Although cabin sporty all nuances, but luxury stay included features, for example as a front seat arranged at regular electrical discharge, cruise control, and also audio on the steering wheel buttons. Especially for srt8 version of this, the Chrysler 300 is also pinning system telemetry as in racing cars. The system can be showing a whole vehicle performance, including the provision, a style of g (g-force) produced when driving, acceleration in time, time the displacement teeth, time for winding around a single round, even setting vehicles all of which are displayed in view 3 dimensions. The Chrysler 300 srt8 was sold for 1.85 billion rupiah (off the road) we think if the still good enough performance and luxury offered. That is the redesign concept of Chrysler 300.

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