2016 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

The New Model of 2016 Ford Focus – 2016 Ford Focus is the mustang with new model which delivers some features. This mustang will have many changes from the previous model. It is expected to have the turbocharger which has twin-scroll and the intercooler which is bigger than the current one. Besides, the head of the cylinder also get revised with the liners of the cast-iron cylinder gets stronger. Those make this new model capable to produce the horsepower for over 325 or maybe more than that. It is really interesting for the shoppers because some of them are looking for the cars which have those features.

The review of the 2016 Ford Focus

Since this 2016 Ford Focus is the new model, the change of the features will become a must. Other than that, before the new model of the car come on the market, this ford focus has been popular among enthusiast of the mustang. This model has sold for many numbers in Europe. So that, the new ford focus will be more than the current model by selling in the global offering including the US.

The release date of the 2016 Ford Focus

The 2016 Ford Focus is expected to be on the market in the late of the year. The Ford Company also has announced that they will launch the new model in the dealerships in the US around the spring of 2016. It means that the appearance of this new model definitely will come closer among people. Furthermore, the people can expect about the pricing of this new model of the car of course. In addition, there some things that almost unchanged about this new model with the earlier car those are the performance, powertrain, and the styling.

The engine and the features of the 2016 Ford Focus

2016 Ford Focus will come among people with the features of the engine as well. This ford focus which is the third generation of the all-wheel-drive will have the 2.3 liter Ecoboost. The engine will be able to produce 345 hp. Furthermore, this new model of the car has several new features if compared with the current model. For the powertrain, it will have the new turbocharger of the twin-scroll. The new turbocharger delivers the compressor wheel with the larger slight. It of course offers the high and more efficient of the boost for the rpm.

The design of the interior and exterior for 2016 Ford Focus

Other than all those features and changes for the new of 2016 Ford Focus, the interior and exterior design and styling will catch the eyes of the buyer for the first time. This new model of ford focus is available in four colors. People can choose the color as they want. The remain colors for this new car are stealth grey, nitrous blue, real absolute black, and also frozen white.

In addition, those colors will be available on the all global market including North America and China. Afterwards, the all wheel of this 2016 Ford Focus get widened. The wheels automatically make the room of the new model look more convenience and exclusive. Besides, the full details for this new model of the car will become one of the interior features.

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