2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs

2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs

2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs— The very first CR-Z made a grand entrance into the automotive market around 4 years ago and had garnered major success. Now, it is time for it to make another entrance with brand new specs and improvements that Honda has been ruthlessly applying to all its models in recent years. The 2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs promise to bring exciting content that will make Honda fans on the edge of their seats for the coming of next year’s star.

The new 2016 Honda CR-Z promises a sportier outlook as well as a facelift that is going to make it hardly recognizable as the little brother of its previous model. Unfortunately, increased production cost means that this new car will have to cost more than its predecessors do. Whether the additional features and stylish design will make up for the increased price, it will be up to you to decide. All we know is that the developers have certainly put everything they have for this big baby.


Sporty Exterior Coupled with Stylish Interior

Honda has declared that the new 2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs have been based on the Civic Type R. That is why people have reason to believe that this new version of CR-Z will have a bigger, bulkier, and sportier exterior than the one released 4 years ago. This may be considered a way to challenge the current international market that seems to be leaning towards bulkier cars, what with the success Toyota and Mitsubishi have experienced with the masses in developing this type of car. In addition, Honda has also promised CR-Z some facelift upgrade, including brand new bumpers, the newest LED headlights, as well as a whole-new array of colors to choose.


On the inside, 2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs indicate that there is no reason to believe that 2016 Honda CR-Z will sport a much different look than that of the Civic Type R its design is based on. After all, why messing with a winning formula? The one thing that should be different about the interior is the additional screen plastered on the dashboard for your viewing and navigating pleasure.


Engine and Performance to Expect a Subtle Improvement

Recent information says that the 2016 version of the CR-Z will continue to be powered with a 1.5 liter capacity. The engine will stay the same four-cylinder one that uses gasoline. The front wheels will also have an electric motor-powered driving, to ensure maximum comfort when turning and maneuvering this admittedly rather bulky car. The one thing you should watch out for in this new CR-Z’s engine is the drive train. While it will remain mostly at the same level of 1.5 liter, the hybrid model will be replaced by an amazing turbocharged direct additional injection that should boost the previous capacity of 140 horsepower to an astonishing 220 mark.


In the fuel economy department, however, expect to have to refuel much more often if you are planning to exchange your previous CR-Z model to the 2016 one. With the turbocharged engine, you cannot expect anything less, really. If the previous model scored an okay mark in the fuel department, this new one will give you an average of 35 mpg combined. That is not really astounding; but the newest 2016 Honda CR-Z Review and Specs mare more than make-up for it with the positively growling engine.

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