2016 Land Rover Discovery

The Superiority of 2016 Land Rover Discovery

BESTTECHCARS.COM – 2016 Land Rover Discovery edition offers several fasilities and features that seemingly make the previous edition has the next perfect generation. As previously edition, the new edition of Discovery also offers two various which is petrol and diesel. As a luxurious modern car, it provides luxurios features and luxurios facilities. The features and the facilities ofthis edition makes an impression more complete and more perfect. The new technology on the features makes the driver and the passenger feel more comfortable and safe.

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There are some supriorities of this car

Firstly, the modern technology of the feature on the facility. Such as the position seat that can be arranged depends on the condition. And other is on the fiture for the audio-video, this Land Rover has maximum performance to produce the best quality of the sound when the passnger want to enjoy a music or other audio-video feature. Basically, there is no big different with other model such as land rover defender 2016 on the feature of the audio-video.

The next superiority of this edition car is the wheel. There is a system terrain response which is the system that will make a response to handle the wheel with the condition of the road at the time, such as ; while crossing a snowy road, icy road, volcanic rock, and other condition of the roads. 2016 Land Rover Discovery will make the passenger and the driver feel safe and really comfortable with this fiture.

Then, the other superiority is in the engine specification. There is a technology stop-start system that has been combained with 8 sophisticated speeds automatic transmition. Other model of this car family is 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport. This model basically is same for the engine specification. The special for this model is good in crossover on whatever weather conditions. So, if you are a rover and like an adventure, this variant is the good choice for you. It will be the best friend to accompany your travelling.

2016 Land Rover Discovery as a luxurious family car with the best facilitiy and the best feature make this variant hashigh price. As the name of this variant car which is a rover car, it means that whole of the parts have good qualification and also good quality to cross all conditions roads. This variant rover car has been prepared and designed to conquer everything condition of the road and whatever wheater.

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