2016 Toyota Mirai Review and Release Date

2016 Toyota Mirai Review and Release Date


2016 Toyota Mirai Review and Release Date— Mirai, in Japanese, means the future. That is indeed what this car will bring you with its many types of advanced technology and improvements that have come to redefine the automotive market where it stands. Although no extract information on 2016 Toyota Mirai review and release date is now available, Toyota has been working for years on the wondrous fuel cell technology that will allow cars to store hydrogen and run on no traditional fuel. The Toyota Prius with its hybrid technology came out first, even though Toyota worked on both hybrid and fuel cell at the same time. Toyota Prius was a raving success. It had its chance, and now it is time for the future.

When it comes to 2016 Toyota Mirai Review and Release Date, it is planned to be available for purchase worldwide in early 2016. Toyota wants to make sure everything is set right, because they believe this baby will bring about the new era of cars where traditional fuel will be abandoned, tossed out, and never to be seen again. Toyota Mirai shall incorporate fuel cell that is cheaper, safer, and pays homage to the environment. The pricing would be around the number of $60,000 give or take. Toyota really does not pull its punches with this one, because although that price may sound quite steep, it includes a number of benefit packages such as complimentary fuel for the first three years. Yes, you heard that right.


The Futuristic Exterior and Interior

Information on 2016 Toyota Mirai Review and Release Date indicates that everything about the Mirai will be shiny and new, but alas that is not so. The main thing about the Mirai is its revolutionary fuel cell technology. When it comes to exterior design, it rather looks a lot like the combination of Prius and Camry, only slightly taller. The hoods look a bit like it is not set right where it stands, and the LED headlamps are set into a gaping hole where air would be taken in to cool down the fuel cells. The design is by no means horrendous, but it is most certainly not this model’s strongest suit either. When you plan to buy Toyota Mirai, remember that you are paying for what is inside, not outside.

That said, as you open the door and take a cautious peek at the interior of this car, it seems comfy enough with the upholstered leather seating. There are a number of details that may or may not be important but are added in any way into the interior of this car. Toyota Mirai is supposed to represent the future, so the designers have decided to be a bit bold and different by adding a flowing effect to the dashboard and using sleek, futuristic colors such as blue, gray, and black. The controls also seem rather complicated, with a number of futuristic functions you may not know how to operate at first.


The Famed Engine and Overall Performance

As mentioned previously in 2016 Toyota Mirai Review and Release Date, this car is all about what is inside, not what is outside. The engine is said to be able to easily produce 150 horsepower running on nothing but hydrogen. The car is quite heavy too, at around 4,000 pounds, so that is no small feat. The fuel cells – this car’s main selling feature, according to 2016 Toyota Mirai review and release date, are quite hardy despite being new and rather untested on field.

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