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All-New Ford Ranger 2014 – BESTTECHCARS.COM – All-New Ford Ranger 2014 comes in the form of the latest generation to meet the high demand to pick-up the truck in some local markets. Available in several types, all the family line of All-New Ford Ranger has earned five-star rating from ANCAP. Even on her now-any version of 2WD is equipped with side airbags.

Meanwhile, the All-New Ford Ranger 2014 version remains the most populated by type Wildtrak though it seems the type XLT still will be a popular choice. All-New Ford Ranger XLT 4 cylinder brings the kitchen runway capacity 3.2 litres. All-New Ford Ranger XLT menyasar mining segment specifically so that in addition to machine capacity gambot some other features like seat upholstery made of canvas, daytime running lights, the ancillary wiring as well as the dual-battery systems. And now after consumers increasingly aware of the various advantages of Ford Ranger then in some markets the sale of Ford’s output double cabin is able to outperform its competitors such as Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara. It seems only a matter of time until the All-New Ford Ranger is able to match the sales of the Toyota Hilux which is still to be the best-selling car in its class.

For a car that is intended to work hard, inside cabin aka All-New Ford Ranger 2014 are certainly designed functional and simple. Plastic Material still remains a mainstay in the cabin of the car Ford, but with good quality making it able to withstand the mud stains, dirt and so on that familiar habitats found on the All-New Ford Ranger. Meanwhile, the quality of his finishing can be called at par with competitors classmates.

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As for the little luxuries Wildtrak type can be found in upholstery as leather clad goes to her, the camera back and satnav. Even for some types of Ford fairly however below this generously presented them with the Bluetooth feature and cruise control for the blue-collar worker who goes inside.

Ford’s idea when designing an All-New Ford Ranger 2014 is to let technology take control of everything so that the driver does not need to bother berepot during its run. ABS and software which is able to control descent-control and hill-hold according the conditions facing terrain makes the heavy terrain ever explored activity feels simple.

When about to conquer the slopes in heavy terrain, for example, the driver simply moves the transmission into neutral position, move to a low-range mode, pressing the descent-control and let the car approaching the incline to be climbed. Once the car starts uphill driver living trust on the hill-hold technology to run its work before moving the teeth as well as add gas to go on.

Past the derivative is also nothing more difficult than when mendakinya. The driver of a live release the foot from the brake pedal and clutch pedal and let electronic devices took over his duties.

Even as plastered by bannya thick mud also his ABS device is still able to work properly when the All-New Ford Ranger is back on the streets paved walking are invited.

Does it all sound easy and simple, but unfortunately not a few owners of the All-New Ford Ranger 2014 which though already long enough yet to drive it to also take advantage of the sophistication of these features because of ignorance.

Meanwhile the kitchen runway 4 cylinders with a capacity of 3.2-liter that produces maximum torque 470 Nm transmitted by the transmission matic six-speed seems cannot be stopped by any severe terrain. The primacy of transmission matic at the All-New Ford Ranger 2014 compared to the manual version is subtlety as well as power distribution shifts torque precision where both quite vital in medan heavily.

Overall the All-New Ford Ranger 2014 is able to accommodate a variety of needs and jobs ranging from those working in the sectors of trade, services, agriculture/livestock, mining and even off-road lovers though.

All-New Ford Ranger 2014 rather than just being able to accommodate the various needs of blue-collar workers but at the same time also offers a range of smart technology makes things easier and simpler for the driver. No, we can’t judge that until now the All-New Ford Ranger 2014 still is the best choice in its class.

All-New Ford Ranger 2014 Price is listed below:
2014 Ford Ranger 4×2 Models: $23,490
2014 Ford Ranger 4×4 Models:$38,390
2014 Ford Ranger 4×4 4×4 Wildtrak Double Cab Pick-up Models: $57,390
2014 Ford Ranger Plus Models:$46,280

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