Ferrari F40 Specs, Price and Review

Ferrari F40 Specs, Price and Review

Even though Ferrari F40 is here since 1987, this supercar is still getting its lovers more and more every day. Yes, this car debut has happened 30 years ago until now. We cannot describe what else the other words about F40 rather than “unique”. You have no bored to see the design inside and outside of this car. The production originally was for 399-unit only, but it puffed up to more than 1,200 over the first debut a 1987 until 1992. Ferrari F40 has powerful and unique design, thus someday it will defeat its brother the Ferrari NART Spyder which get world record on auction several times ago for $27 million.  What makes this car special? What engine did Ferrari give? Let us see the Ferrari F40 Specs, Price and Review below.

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The Ferrari F40 specs starts from the engine that nested under of its hood. It is a 2.9 Liter V8 engine with parallel twin-turbocharged engine design. There are two IHI turbos which operated simultaneously to boost every 90-deggre engine bank. IHi is a Japanese company who become the supplier of Japanese turbocharged sports cars. They had ever supported the reborn of Nissan Slyline GT-R (R32) in late 1980s. Subaru and Mitsubishi are followed this turbo system for their lineup. By this parallel turbo design, it makes us to easily recognize the Ferrari F40’s driving style that before the existences of any variable-vane turbochargers on 1990s. Although the riding will get slight turbo lag, this car is able to reach 471 horsepower with 425 pound-feet of torque. and approached 0-60 mph just in 2.8 seconds with 201 mph of top speed. What a world record! Ferrari F40 specs are also able to be compared with modern sports car, right? The V8 engine has a small capacity but it still approvable for you who V8 engine lovers. The EPA ratings are 17 mpg in the city, 12 mpg on the highway and 15 mpg combined.


Now, we are talking about the Ferrari F40 prices. The price when new was $400,000. You can calculate the price now by yourself because if we have this car, we are really setting on the priceless cost. Just kidding. We have no idea what price for Ferrari F40 for now because it is customable for the owner. However, we have the data which the difference between U.S and European versions. The Europe has a rubber bladder gas tank, while the U.S model has an aluminum tank. Thus, the U.S is easier to maintenance if we look at the main materials.


For the Ferrari F40 Specs, Price and Review Design, we will start from the exterior. There are a few of busy fender flares on the body and makes this car is more purpose-driven style. The shape of modern wind tunnel always got revised by its designer Fioravanti and his team in order for aerodynamic segment of Ferrari F40. However, the design was similar with other sports cars at the moment such as 365 GTB/4 Daytona and 365 Berlinetta Boxer. Then, it got the pure design from 959’s design and 911 cues. Simpler cabin than a racecar was implemented perfectly by Ferrari inside this car.

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